April 29, 2020

The Emotional Aspects of Allergies

EFT Cracks Egg Allergy

I was working with a client on growing her business through using EFT to uncover and resolve mental and emotional issues that were hindering her from making key decisions and taking productive action. One day she arrived for a session not sure what she wanted to work on. The issue of her allergic reaction to eggs emerged in the conversation. With muscle response testing, she did test ‘weak’ when thinking about ‘egg’. She mentioned that she has an allergic response to both the yolk and the white – which I thought was interesting.

We started tapping on “even though I have this allergic reaction to eggs, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. As we worked through the process, I asked her when she had her first reaction to eggs. She stated that it was some 20 years earlier. Her mother had made a lemon meringue pie and while my client was eating a piece of the pie, she experienced anaphylactic shock with lips swelling and throat tightening.
As I had been working with this client for some time, I was aware of the challenging relationship she had with a mother, who my client’s opinion was a difficult person to get along with.

We changed the set-up statement to “Even though I reacted to my Mother’s lemon meringue pie, with the egg whites on top and egg yolk in the pie, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. It seems that in her mind, ‘egg’ became associated with ‘difficult Mother’.

After a few more rounds of tapping, I checked in with her to determine the level of the emotional charge surrounding her Mother’s pie. It had substantially lessened. I happen to have a boiled egg in the refrigerator at my home office and offer it to her. We used muscle response testing to determine her response to egg and she now tested “strong’, meaning that her system was not reacting to egg. She gently peeled the egg and put it up to her lips. She was pleasantly surprised that there was no sensation of swelling in her lips or throat constricting. I advised to be very cautious about beginning to eat eggs again, however, it now seemed possible that she might be able to.