EFT Videos of Interest

What is Tapping?

Why is something that seems so simple so effective for so many issues?

Psychologists, doctors and scientists reveal how this simple technique has proven effective in dozens of clinical trials. It continues to be used safely by millions of people around the world to resolve emotional issues and transform lives.

Video courtesy of The Science of Tapping 

Teacher Uses EFT Tapping in her Classroom

Moira Mahr, Teacher at Pacific Grove Middle School in California uses Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping with her students daily to help them settle and be ready for learning.

Tapping has changed the dynamics of her classroom. She has seen an increase in student productivity, lessening of anxiety, and more focus and collaboration.

Video courtesy of The Tapping Solution 

Is Therapy Facing a Revolution?

Dr. Peta Stapleton speaks to her research on the impact of Emotional Freedom Techniques, how it lasts over time and how it compares to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Video courtesy of TEDx Talks, Robina