April 27, 2020

How One Traumatic Experience Can Lead to a Lifetime of Fear

My client was excited to leave her established career and start a new business. The one thing in the way was that her new business would require her to go out and meet new people and make presentations about her business opportunities to prospective investors. She experienced a high degree of social anxiety and debilitating fear of public speaking. She found herself so nervous, she drew back in social situations and could not work up the courage to get up and speak to a group who were already seeking what she had to offer.

We began using EFT on her fear of public speaking. As we worked through the process on the current level of fear she felt, a memory emerged of an experience she had in elementary school. Due to circumstances, she was afraid to ask for help and she had an ‘accident’ that caused her intense embarrassment. Rather than comforting her, her insensitive teacher drew everyone’s attention to what had happened, shaming her in front of the entire class.

Years later, the prospect of having everyone’s attention on her brought up enormous fear of being judged and ridiculed. Trauma ‘imprints’ the mind so that when someone encounters a situation similar to the initial traumatic event, alarms are sounded that we experience as ‘danger, not safe’. With EFT we were able to release all the feelings and aspects (what was said and done over the course of that early distressing event) so that the emotional intensity was diminished to a level where the memory dissolved and could be finally energetically released. Once feelings about a past event have been resolved, memories tend to fade, releasing any remaining emotional triggers.

My client went on to enjoy meeting people at her investment networking events, was able to make her presentations with a great deal more presence and confidence, and could now see that her new business venture was a real possibility for her.