Tapping Out of Trauma

Tapping out of Trauma into Healing and Health

This three-day program adheres to the course curriculum for Levels 1 & 2 training with special emphasis on addressing trauma. It is designed for therapists and counsellors in mental health, addictions, suicide prevention, youth services and family wellness and delivered as an on-site group training.

Learn to use EFT to address even the most distressing memories and experiences that can lead to diminished self-worth, lack of healthy boundaries in relationships, loss of life purpose and inability to take action for one’s own benefit. EFT works to keep the client feeling safe, with minimal emotional overwhelm and able to take those deeper dives to uncover and energetically clear initial traumatic experiences.

EFT has proven in many studies and trials to be sometimes more than twice as effective as conventional talk therapy alone. Clients have resolved even the most traumatic experiences in a few sessions that may have taken months, even years of psychological therapeutic approaches. In one clinical trial, individuals with PTSD achieved comparable results in 6 sessions to those who received 15 sessions of cognitive behaviour therapy.

Tapping out of Trauma Live Training

Three Day On-Site Program

We offer on-site training for your Mental Health and Family Wellness therapists, counsellors and social workers at your location.

Community leaders, advisors and educators are also welcome to attend the program. No prerequisites are required, although inter-personal communication skills are helpful, as EFT takes a coaching approach.

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Who is this training for?

This training is designed for professionals and practitioner who work with populations who are highly traumatized, both through their own experiences and ‘inherited’ trauma from others.

Attendees need not be licensed mental health professionals, however, training in counselling, building rapport, prevention and support services would greatly benefit from attending and learning EFT as a complimentary resource to integrate into their skills.

  • Mental Health Therapists
  • Psychiatric Nurses
  • Psychologists & Psychotherapists
  • Addictions Counsellors
  • Crisis & Prevention Workers
  • Community Support
  • Social Workers
  • Directors and Managers
  • Nurses & Medical Staff
  • Educators and Administrators
Emotional Freedom Technique tapping is an invaluable tool for helping those who help others manage their own distress, overwhelm, burnout and fatigue. Therapists, counsellors and support staff have a special need for self-care in order to be present and available to those they serve.

The Science Behind EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques has produced remarkable and statistically significant results in numerous clinical trials designed to demonstrate the efficacy of the technique. It has been shown to be measurably effective in creating positive and lasting change with a number of issues.

Testing before and after 2 – 4 day workshops has clearly shown:

  • Corisol (stress hormone) declined by 37%
  • Anxiety declined 40%
  • Depression down 35%
  • PTSD symptoms down 32%
  • Physical pain reduced by 57%

Canadian researcher Dr. Dan Benoit discovered that 2 sessions of Emotional Freedom Techniques was equivalent to 5 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions in terms of effectiveness. The outcomes of EFT sessions were later shown to have more sustained and long lasting effects.

EFT Tapping Training Side of Eye
“Simple, harmless, threat-free …
This course is simple, harmless and threat-free. I can see working with it immediately as it is non-confrontational. I was able to help a young boy with his asthma who no longer needs his inhaler.”
David Buffalo

Maskwacis Cree Nation, AB

“Marlene is a very gentle teacher. I can see myself using EFT in my healing journey and with my family, youth and people who are on their healing journey.”

Dustin Twin

Board Chair, 3 Eagle Wellness Society, AB

“100% take the course.  I use EFT every day and use it with clients ongoing.  Marlene is very knowledgeable and has the ability to integrate many modalities and philosophies.” 

Daniel Fisher

Mental Health Therapist, Raymore, Sask.

“A wonderful facilitator…
Marlene is very knowledgeable and is a wonderful facilitator. I can see using EFT for helping others with residential school trauma, weight loss, smoking and addictions.”
Julie Calliou

Sucker Creek First Nation, Enida, AB

“Marlene is a greater trainer, patient and explains concepts well: This hands-on training builds a toolbox of skills to decrease emotional and physical distress to increase quality of life through addressing all aspects of self.”

Koralie Gaudry

Live Well/Mental Health Clinic Coordinator, Saskatoon Tribal Council

“The most valuable thing I learned from the training is the ideal of immediate emotional assistance.  I discovered EFT to be a simple tool to resolve issues in the moment and for everyday emotional management.”

Jennifer Greyeyes

Mental Health Therapist, One Arrow First Nation