Tapping Out of Grief Into Healing and Harmony

Rapid Recovery from Loss with EFT

This Two Day Workshop recognizes that while grief from loss is natural and normal, unacknowledged and suppressed feelings hinder a timely recovery.

Unresolved sentiments surrounding the circumstance of the loss or incomplete emotions pertaining to the relationship with the person, situation, health issue or pet keep the grieving individual stuck in distressing emotional limbo. Grief from loss is cumulative with mounting unresolved incidents creating energy blockages that compromise physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) provides an effective and efficient way to return the healing process to a natural and normal progression by resolving the misunderstood and masked emotions so that the grieving individual can return to a state of flow and peace.

EFT compliments talking therapy by providing an evidence-based intervention proven highly successful in dissolving the trauma surrounding sudden loss and the sorrow tragedy, separation or death.

This training is available as a Two Day workshop for personal and group healing for individuals and community members
 as a One Day add-on course to EFT Practitioner Training for therapists who work with clients experiencing grief and despair from multiple losses.

Who is this training for?

This program is applicable for all types of loss – physical, psychological, relational and spiritual including loss of safety, faith, trust and identity.

It is designed to be conducted with groups of individuals who are in the process of healing from similar types of loss. Special focus groups for children, women, men and specific losses provide a profound and transformative experience.

Workbooks are provided and the structure of this program can be learned and used ongoing to support individuals with healing losses and returning to health, wholeness and engaging fully life.

Participants need not have previous training or experience with Emotional Freedom Techniques.

This course is available as a one-day add-on to the three day practitioner training.

Participants will:

  • Learn the common misperceptions of recovering from grief
  • Explore the many faces of physical and psychological loss
  • Understand how blocked energy inhibits natural grieving
  • Realize how unresolved trauma informs grief
  • Experience a way to feel safe and avoid emotional overwhelm
  • Recognize and release conflicting thoughts and emotions
  • Resolve emotional incompletions with the individual, animal, situation or health issue
  • Discover a systematic approach to addressing multiple losses
  • Release lingering emotions including regret, remorse, fear and anger
  • Return to inner harmony, balance and full engagement with life
  • Activate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing

Grief and Loss EFT Practitioner Training

This course can be taken as a one-day add-on to the three day EFT practitioner training or as a stand-alone refresher course for trained and certified practitioners. Attendees will learn how to apply EFT specifically and systematically to address emotional distress surrounding all types of grief and loss. This training can be integrated with previous Grief and Loss Recovery courses and certification programs.

  • Discover how to apply EFT to accelerate recovery from grief and loss
  • Learn a framework to take clients through the process individually and in groups
  • Find out how to set up specialty groups and use Borrowing Benefits for collective healing
  • Discover how to help the client approach multiple losses without fear and overwhelm
  • Learn a way to safely and gently approach trauma related to loss
  • Address spiritual aspects of healing from loss and life disruption

Three-day Emotional Freedom Techniques training is a pre-requisite for this course. Previous grief and loss trainings not required.

What others have said about results from working with EFT

“I can’t believe that an anxiety-driven habit I had not been able to stop for 40 years, had such a quick change to it in just one session. I had counseling and done behaviour therapy for years but nothing changed to this degree.”

Tanya Sinnett

“I resolved more in a few sessions with Emotional Freedom Techniques than I did in years of therapy.”
Barbara Rhodes

Vancouver, B.C.