Anger Management with EFT

Rapid Relief from Rage and Reactive Behaviours

This two-day intensive workshop is for those directed to or seeking to manage their anger and for mental health therapists, social workers and counselors who assist clients with learning emotional regulation.

This inclusive training integrates a leading-edge tool that dramatically speeds up the process of processing and integrating anger energy in a way that feels safe. Rather than talking about angry feelings, Emotional Freedom Technique quickly downgrades emotions and releases tension from the body.

Anger in and of itself is not wrong. In fact, anger can be a useful emotion. It can provide the motivation and impulse to get moving, speak up, or support another. When feelings are more reactive than the situation warrants, this is triggered anger from past events where emotions were not allowed to be expressed.

Unresolved and unexpressed anger accumulate and can ‘leak out’ in the forms of sarcasm, irritability and defensiveness, or can arise as explosive, out of control rage that can feel threatening and dangerous to others.

Emotional Regulation Training for Clients & Mental Health Professionals


Are You or your Clients–

  • Experiencing ongoing irritability and defensiveness?
  • Aware that anger is coming on but don’t know how to control it
  • Frequently exploding with anger, beyond what the situation warrants?

Have you or your clients worked with talk-therapy Anger Management programs with little mixed results? Or perhaps had a high drop-out rate with multiple-session programs?

In this training, participants will–

  • Learn a leading-edge way to take the edge off anger that can feel like ‘magic’.
  • Discover how you can recall incidents that have you feel really angry and be able discharge the feelings and feel immediate relief and calm
  • Get to the roots and origins of unresolved anger and clear it once and for all
  • Experience a way to work through accumulated anger that feels safe
  • Find out about a way that you can feel powerful, without the anger
  • Learn to regulate your emotions when you feel rage coming on
  • Learn a vocabulary to recognize thoughts associated with anger

Specialty programs include:

Anger Management with EFT for Men

Anger Management with EFT for Women

Anger Management with EFT for Children and Teens