EFT Training Levels 1 & 2

Who is this training for?

Professional EFT Training is for those wishing to learn the technique for themselves and potentially to become a certified practitioner and for licensed mental and medical health therapists to add to their professional practice toolboxes.

  • Psychologists
Social Workers
  • Addictions Counsellors
Crisis & Prevention Workers
  • Educators & Guidance Counsellors
Medical Professionals including MD’s
  • Executive and Life Coaches 
Energy Healers

The combined Level 1 and 2 courses plus follow-up online classes cover the foundational syllabus required by EFT International as a prerequisite for advancing to globally recognized accreditation as a Certified EFT Practitioner.

This experiential training provides individual attention, opportunities to experience the power of EFT for yourself and supervised mentoring while practicing the techniques with others.

If you have a basic knowledge of EFT but wonder why you are not getting the results you expected, you may be ready for professional training.

Online courses and videos offer a taste of tapping protocols but do not teach you how to use EFT for those deeper core issues that trigger reactive emotions and behaviours.

Discover how to use EFT to effectively and efficiently uncover and clear core issues and traumatic experiences in order to provide immediate and lasting results that clients need and value.

Next course October 1 – 3, 2020
Online training with interactive practice sessions.
Four follow-on classes for additional practice, feedback and support in growing your skill and confidence with EFT.

“Marlene and I have had several long conversations regarding politics, accreditation, ethics, etc. in the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) world. I have always found her to be thoughtful and sincerely concerned about how EFT is represented, and very careful to maintain high ethical standards in both her teaching and coaching work.”

Author of Heal Your Life with Emotional Freedom Technique
Research Chair for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)

John Freedom

Author, Research Chair

EFT Training Courses

Discover the Precision and Power of EFT
EFT Levels 1 & 2 Three-Day Intensive

Level 1

Level 1 EFT Training provides the foundations of EFT and prepares you to use it as a self-help tool and for working with family and friends.

Find out how to articulate the precise wording that will truly transform the emotions surrounding past traumatic experiences, fears and phobias and negative self-imagine.

Learn the Personal Peace Procedure to free you up to create the personal goals, abundance and relationships you desire.

Become proficient in EFT so that you can release mental blocks and negative emotions to create the life your love.

EFT International Tapping Manual

Level 2

Level 2 Training teaches how to use EFT for working with others for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Practice using EFT for emotional release from trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, cravings and addictions, grief, loss and weight management. EFT is remarkably beneficial for relieving pain and chronic health issues and opening the way for improved health and healing on many levels.

Discover out how to maintain the client’s dignity and privacy even with the most distressing memories and experiences and how to use EFT with groups and over the telephone.

EFT International Glossary of Terms  


Levels 1 & 2 Combined Course
Investment $950 + GST Early bird rate
$995 + GST there after

Out of Canada student fee $750 USD early bird then $795 USD

Use the buttons below to enroll online via PayPal or contact Marlene at 403-209-2142.

Classes can fill quickly, reserve your spot through pre-registration and $100 + GST deposit CDN or $95 USD

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“Marlene is very clear and concise about how to apply the technique.  I can see using EFT for helping people break away from the suffering that comes from negative thinking.”

Alanna Gillis

Life Coach, Vancouver, B.C.

“This training is worth-while with useful concepts applicable to counseling.  Marlene is gracious, warm and very knowledgeable.”  

Lynn Viehweger

Licensed Counsellor

“I really enjoyed Marlene as a Trainer.  She has a very nice calm presence and for someone who was a little worried about opening up to a stranger, I felt it was safe to do so.  She created a space that was welcoming.  She is an amazing EFT trainer and practitioner.”  

Rachel Yahyahkeekoot

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Fantastic!  I would recommend this training to everyone.  Marlene is very knowledgeable and insightful.  I learned so much about EFT and myself in just 3 days.” 

Amanda Heninger

Cochrane, AB


Upon completing Level 2 EFT training in either program, you are eligible to begin the Certification and Assessment process towards EFT Practitioner Accreditation through EFT International.

You will be guided through this self-paced 4 to 9 month program using a proven 7 step system to build on your knowledge and confidence and demonstrate the skills required to achieve Accredited Certified Practitioner status and offer EFT at a professional level.

Read more about the course here– (link to certification page?)