EFT Training for Teachers

Helping Students Shift from Distress to Success in the Classroom

Why Tapping for Teachers?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) is an evidence-based intervention that can be readily learned and adopted by teachers and educational staff to manage their own stressors and to help students calm upset and fears so that they can be more settled, attentive and open to learning.

EFT is renowned for its effectiveness for immediate and lasting relief from anxiety and fears that arise from coming to school already distraught and worries about learning and exams. It is effective for working with groups and can be used in the classroom as a regular morning routine to help children start the day in a more calm state, ready to pay attention and learn.

Benefits of tapping can accumulate over time and support children in becoming more resilient, confident and capable of more positive attitudes and behaviours and able to build more respectful and kind relationships with others.

This program provides the foundational processes, applications and supervised practice.

Female teacher tapping in the Classroom

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“EFT Tapping to Reduce Stress in the Classroom
Courtesy of The Tapping Solution Foundation

What you will learn in this course

  • The science of how EFT works, including the research behind its effectiveness.
  • Using EFT to mitigate stress, fatigue and burnout for teachers and staff
  • Help children learn to self-regulate their feelings and cope with stress
  • Create a more peaceful and productive learning environment
  • Support children in becoming more calm and confident
  • Reduce acting out, disruptive and bullying behaviours
  • Use for separation anxiety in younger children
  • Lessen worries about tests and assessments
  • Use in tapping circles for mutual benefits
  • Help deal with trauma, hurt and grief
Teacher using EFT tapping in the classroom

Course participants will come away with the knowledge and know-how to begin using EFT right away for themselves and in their classrooms working one-on-one, or with groups.

The two-day training provides opportunity to experience the healing power of EFT tapping and gain the confidence and skill to share it with one’s family, friends and community.

Course Fee:
$695 + GST*
GST exempt for those who qualify

Course materials and Workbooks included

What Others are Saying About EFT Tapping for Children in the Classroom

“Tapping (and meditation) has changed the dynamics of my classroom. It has helped me become a better teacher. I have seen an increase in student productivity, lessening of anxiety, and more focus and collaboration, and I know it is because of tapping.”
Moira Mahr

Teacher, Pacific Grove Middle School, CA

“There is a noticeable difference in the room after the kids have tapped. The level of engagement goes through the roof because the kids are functioning as one as a class”.

Buck Roggeman

Principal, Pacific Grove Middle School, CA

“It might look like it might not work at first, or it seems a little weird, but after you do it a couple of times, I think you will be like doing it forever”.

Student, age 11

“EFT or tapping is an amazing tool and certainly applying it in younger age groups is a perfect opportunity to help children learn to regulate their feelings”.
Dr. Peta Stapleton

Clinical and Health Psychologist

“As a teacher in the public school system I have found EFT to be an easily accessible and powerful way to help students regulate. With younger students it is a great tool for helping them settle down in preparation for learning and at all levels to help with focus and attention.”
Lorae Marsten

EFT Practitioner & Teacher, Calgary