Discover the Power of EFT for Healing, Growth & Transformation

Who is EFT Training for?

EFT International courses are designed as a self-help tool for personal use, to equip you in becoming a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner or to add EFT techniques to your professional practice toolbox for working with trauma and emotionally charged issues. EFT can be integrated to compliment with your skills and expertise as a psychologist, counselor, social worker, medical practitioner and mental health therapist.

The training is suitable for executive, life and health coaches, energy healers and educators to enhance the methods already used to support clients and students in becoming emotionally composed and resilient with increased capacity to face challenges and set-backs head on.

It is proven to be beneficial in enhancing the quality of life – opening the way for greater self-esteem, confidence and sense of purpose and for bettering personal performance in education, business, sports and the creative and performance arts. EFT works to help build greater capacity for healthy and empowering relationships and for releasing limiting beliefs and behaviours for a more positive, self-aware and resilient mindset.


  • The science of how EFT works, including the research behind its effectiveness.
  • Using EFT tapping for self-help and for working with others
  • Methods to address with trauma that keep the client safe
  • Maintaining the client’s dignity and privacy during EFT
  • Applications for stress-related health & weight issues
  • Ways to mitigate emotional distress and physical pain
  • Resolve past issues to live fully alive in the present
  • Restore inner harmony and spiritual connection

If you have a basic knowledge of EFT but wonder why you are not getting the results you expected, you may be ready for professional training.

Online courses and videos offer a taste of tapping protocols, but do not teach you how to use EFT for those deeper core issues that trigger reactive emotional and behaviours.

Discover how to use EFT to effectively and efficiently uncover and clear core issues and traumatic experiences in order to provide the immediate and lasting results that clients need and value.

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EFT Training Courses

Discover the Precision and Power of EFT
Levels 1 & 2 Three-Day Intensive

Level 1 EFT Training provides the foundations of Emotional Freedom Techniques theory and practice, and prepares you to use it as a self-help tool and for yourself and your family.

Find out how to articulate the precise wording that will truly transform the emotions surrounding past hurts, traumatic events, fears, grief and loss and to mitigate anger, frustration and reactive behaviours.

EFT has proven effective for addressing cravings, emotional eating and counterproductive habits that get in the way of successful and sustainable weight loss. 

Become proficient in EFT so that you can achieve relief from debilitating negative emotions and thoughts in order to enjoy more light-heartedness, more energy, improved health and heightened self-esteem and self-worth.

Level 2 Training elevates your skill and knowledge to use begin to use EFT to work with others to release feelings associated with trauma and unresolved emotionally charged issues, to achieve greater mental clarity, emotional resiliency and to alleviate chronic pain and physical symptoms.

Find out how to maintain the client’s safety, dignity and privacy even with the most distressing memories and experiences. EFT uses a process that eases into the issue without causing undue fear and distress. 

Learn how to use EFT for a variety of issues and how to deliver it over the telephone and through online platforms with individuals and groups.

The combined Level 1 and 2 courses plus follow-up online classes provide the foundational programs required by EFT International as a prerequisite for advancing to globally recognized certification as an EFT practitioner.

This experiential training provides individual attention, opportunities to experience the power of EFT for yourself and supervised mentoring while practicing with others.

Suitable for those wishing to learn it for themselves, become a certified practitioner or for licensed mental health therapists, counselors and social workers to add to their professional practice toolboxes.

Course Dates: October 1 – 3,  2020
Live, online training through Zoom
4 follow-up 90 minute online classes (Monday evenings)

Levels 1 & 2 Combined Course
Investment $895 + GST Early bird rate until Sept 21st,  $995 + GST thereafter
Use the button below to enroll online via PayPal or contact Marlene at 403-209-2142 or use our contact form

Classes can fill quickly, reserve your spot through pre-registration with $100 + GST deposit.

Tapping out of Trauma into Healing and Health

This three-day program adheres to the course curriculum for Levels 1 & 2 training with special emphasis on addressing trauma. It is designed for therapists and counsellors in mental health, addictions, suicide prevention, youth services and family wellness and delivered as an on-site group training.

Learn to use EFT to address even the most distressing memories and experiences that can lead to diminished self-worth, lack of healthy boundaries in relationships, loss of life purpose and inability to take action for one’s own benefit. EFT works to keep the client feeling safe, with minimal emotional overwhelm and able to take those deeper dives to uncover and energetically clear initial traumatic experiences.

EFT has proven in many studies and trials to be sometimes more than twice as effective as conventional talk therapy alone. Clients have resolved even the most traumatic experiences in a few sessions that may have taken months, even years of psychological therapeutic approaches. In one clinical trial, individuals with PTSD achieved comparable results in 6 sessions to those who received 15 sessions of cognitive behaviour therapy.

Tapping out of Trauma Live Training

Three Day On-Site Program

We offer on-site training for your Mental Health and Family Wellness therapists, counsellors and social workers at your location.

Community leaders, advisors and educators are also welcome to attend the program. No prerequisites are required, although inter-personal communication skills are helpful, as EFT takes a coaching approach.

Call Marlene at 403-209-2142 or use our contact form


Upon completing Level 2 EFT training in either program, you are eligible to begin the Certification and Assessment process towards EFT Practitioner Accreditation through EFT International.

You will be guided through this self-paced 4 to 9 month program using a proven 7 step system to build on your knowledge and confidence and demonstrate the skills required to achieve Accredited Certified Practitioner status and offer EFT at a professional level.

Read more about the course here– (link to certification page?)

Tapping Basics

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is designed as a self-help tool to help manage distress, fear and physical pain. The most effective way to achieve relief is to bring the problem to mind – it must be a real situation rather than a general feeling. For example: “I feel worried about my upcoming presentation” is more effective than a general “I feel worried”.

Grade the level of distress or pain and give it a score from 0 to 10 with ten being the highest rating.


Start by tapping on the side of your hand (the karate chop point) and say the affirmation–
“Even though (whatever the problem is), I deeply and completely accept myself”

“Even though I am angry at my friend, I deeply and completely accept myself” or
“Even though I have this sharp pain in my knee, I deeply and completely accept myself”

Repeat the statement 3 times while tapping the karate chop point.


Now tap the rest of the points while saying a short reminder phrase. Tap each point 7 to 10 times.

Example from above:
“This anger at my friend” or “This sharp pain in my knee”

EB – Beginning of Eyebrow

SE – Side of the Eye

UE – Under the Eye

UN – Under the Nose

CH – Crease in Chin

CB – Just below the Collar Bone

UA – Under the Arm

RC – Front on Ribcage

TH – Top of Head

Repeat this cycle two or three times

Re-evaluate the level of intensity of the emotion or pain.

Repeat the entire process until distress or discomfort is diminished to a level 2 or less.

EFT Tapping point diagram

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