EFT Tapping To Relieve Covid-Related Stress

A pre-covid survey revealed that the three most stressful situations were considered to be work, traffic and job interviews.  While traffic might not be an issue right now, we could certainly add, working from home, job loss or uncertainty and restrictions on recreation and travel.   Stress, worry and anxiety diminish mental clarity, decision-making and our capacity to take productive action.  Fortunately, we have a ready-made, built-in, responsive capacity for mental and emotional well-being.   And, we have scientifically proven way to stimulate and activate this capacity for inner peace and ability to cope with challenges and change.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or tapping as it is often referred by, is a remarkably effective self-help tool that anyone can use any time to diminish distress, overwhelm and fear.  EFT is based on ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine energy meridian systems and leading-edge research understanding or our mind-body relationship and psychological functioning.   Needling, apply pressure or tapping on acupuncture points on the body works to calm the nervous system immediately with rapid and lasting results.  Tapping appears to rewire the brain to have a different emotional response to situations that previously invoked nervousness, embarrassment, guilt, frustration and sadness among other distressing emotions.  We can literally tap into feeling calmer, have greater mental clarity, and most importantly make better decisions.

A way to use a simple form of ‘tapping’ is to tune into a situation that has you feel some level of emotional distress, say, an upcoming job interview.   You might feel nervous about the questions you will be asked and worried about saying the right things to the interviewer.   Begin by thinking about the interview and notice where you feel the nervousness in your body.  Use two fingers to tap gently on the points shown in the image.  You can tap with one or two hands, tapping on the points only, or you can also say things like ‘feeling nervous”,  “upcoming job interview”,  “saying the right things”, whatever occurs to you as you tap about the problem.  Tap each point 7 to 10 times.  You can rotate your words as you move around the points.

Start tapping on the eyebrow point, then side of the eye, under the eye (be gentle), under the nose, crease in the chin, just below your collar bone, under the arms and on the front of your ribcage.  Tap around the points two or three times, then pause, take a few deep breaths, and check in with yourself to notice what, if anything has changed.   If you still notice a level of emotional charge, go ahead and repeat the tapping and words.    You may discover that you feel more relaxed, lighter, more present or have a pleasant tingling sensation in your body.   If you don’t experience noticeable results, consider working with a Certified EFT Practitioner who is sure to be able to help your get significant improvements.    Expert practitioners have ‘insider knowledge” about how to apply EFT and get measurable results.

You essentially have emotional freedom at your fingertips.  You can tap anywhere, anytime to help yourself be more at peace, see a situation more clearly, feel more confident, discover more and better options, be more creative and have more energy.