EFT Practitioner Certification

Your Path to Certification

After you have completed Level 2 EFT training, you are eligible to begin the Certification and Assessment process towards EFT practitioner accreditation through EFT International

Knowing that you bring you own wisdom and life experiences, this is a collaborative process between us, designed to build your expertise and confidence as an EFT practitioner.

You will be joining a globally recognized leader in advocacy, training and practitioner certification. Founded in 1999, it is the largest professional association of energy practitioners surrounding the planet, representing over 2000 members world-wide.

EFT Tapping Practitioner Certification

Proven Seven Step System to Accredited EFT Practitioner

Our Certification Course is designed to take you through the numerous requirements assigned by EFT International in order to qualify for recommendation as a professional-level EFT practitioner. While the certification process is self-directed and self-passed, our experience has shown that a systematic approach is advantageous for building your knowledge, skill and confidence over a coordinated blend of completed assignments and mentor sessions.

The certification process is typically a six to nine month timeframe. During this time you will learn not only how to practice EFT skillfully and ethically, but also consider an area of interest or expertise in order to become a sought-after professional.

EFTi Practitioner Certification Group and Individual Programs

The Group Program

The Group Program includes three 90 minute online classes to review course requirements, prepare for exam and discuss ethics and professional practice considerations.

Also included are three private 60 minute Zoom sessions to review case studies. Group sessions are recorded.

The Individual Program

The Individual Program comprises six one hour online one-on-one sessions to cover course curriculum and review case studies.<./p>

Private sessions may be recorded and saved to your computer.

Bonus Session
A one hour bonus session is included in both programs to facilitate the required video-recorded session. The session will be conducted through Zoom and your video recording provided for your review and self-evaluation.

You can choose to forfeit this option and submit your own recording.

EFT International Online Exam

Start with this test to assess your foundational knowledge of EFT. Pass rate is 80%

50 EFT Sessions

You are required to undertake and document 50 sessions (or practice hours) with at least 20 different clients. Each session must be a minimum of 45 minutes in length. You are responsible to keeping a written record of names, dates, and number of sessions in your Practice Hour Log. Up to 5 of these can be self-administered EFT sessions – also at least 45 minutes in length. These sessions ensure you are getting a range of experience with different people and issues.

4 Case Studies

A case study is a write-up (or recording), in your words, of how an EFT session unfolded, as well as a discussion of your experience. You will be provided the EFT International Case Study Guidance Manual on how to approach writing up case studies. The different types of case studies required are outlined below.

One Video Session & Case Study

This is a recording of a full session with an individual who has given permission to have the session recorded and shared with me. You will be provided a link to your video session or you can submit the video yourself. You review and prepare your case study (as per the guidelines) which we discuss in a private session following.

One Personal Case Study

EFT International requires that you document and share your own process with a complex personal issue – how you approached it, what happened, and ultimately how it relates to foundational EFT skills. (Three sessions minimum 45 minutes each). This case study is about your willingness to address your own issues so that you can be fully present to yourself and your clients.

Two Client Case Studies

A complete write-up of two three-session case studies that highlight your understanding of EFT, especially how you balance meeting people where they are with managing the EFT process. Your write-up should include what transpired during the sessions, outcomes, what steps you took during the process and why you made them.

EFT Practice Building

As added bonus, you will be guided in building your practice – from the Art of Delivery to structuring EFT sessions, intake and session preparation forms, designing your fees and packages and developing language you wish to use in your marketing and presentations. Note that focusing on the problems you solve (results) rather than the methods you use (EFT) will allow your prospective clients to more fully understand how you help resolve their issues and achieve their goals.

Certification Course Fees

EFT Supervision & Mentoring requires several hours on the part of the Supervisor/Mentor to evaluate and discuss all aspects of your knowledge and skill.

Included in certification course:
Group program –
4.5 hours in class and 3 hours private time

Individual program –
6 hours private supervision sessions
Preparation for and review of practitioner exam
Review of code of conduct and ethics for your EFT practice
Case study video and case study write-up document evaluation
One-on-one sessions to discuss video, personal and client case studies
Templates for client intake, session preparation and consent forms
Guidelines for practice specialization and marketing your services

Group Program –
$1495 + GST payable in three monthly installments of $500 + GST*

Individual Program –
$1795 + GST payable in three monthly installments of $600 + GST

Payments can be by PayPal (online), e-transfer or cheque.
* GST not charged to those who qualify for the exemption.

EFT International Fees
Student membership: 25 £ ($40 CDN)
Online exam: 15 £ ($25 CDN)

Certified practitioner membership 45 £ ($75 CDN)
(upgrade after completion of certification requirements)

“I wholeheartedly endorse the certification process. The direct client hours, under supervision, are invaluable for competency and confidence.

The process (and professional designation) allowed me to know that I could work with clients in good conscience, and to be equipped to use EFT with the many and varied issues presented by clients. I would not have been ready, otherwise, to bring the protocol into my practice.

As a supervisor/mentor, Marlene is professional, supportive and thorough”

Patti Lott

M.A., Licensed Counsellor, Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

“EFT looks deceptively simple. Skilled practitioners make it look very easy. We learn in the basic training that there is a process to follow and a number of techniques to use under different circumstances.

However, skill comes with practice. The basic training does not afford enough practice time for students to build skill and confidence enough to work effectively, and moreover efficiently, with clients. A whole new level of learning opens up with the practice we get when we work with clients in a student capacity, and competence improves dramatically.

Another advantage of the certification program is having a supervisor who gives feedback and is available for consultation and advice.”

Colleen Lemire

M.Ed., Mediator, Certified EFT Practitioner Candidate