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What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), sometimes referred to as “tapping,” is readily learnable and used as a complimentary therapy by mental and medical health professionals and as a learning aid by educators. As a self-help tool, EFT is remarkably effective for dealing with every-day stressors and enhancing the quality of life.

EFT tapping is renowned for its effectiveness for immediate and lasting relief from anxiety, trauma, PTSD, fears, hurt, addictions, depression, grief and physical symptoms. It works to reduce the distress of past upsetting experiences and takes the charge off of emotional triggers.

It is scientifically proven to be beneficial in enhancing the quality of life – opening the way for greater self-esteem, confidence and sense of purpose and for bettering personal performance in education, business, sports and the creative and performance arts. EFT works to help build greater capacity for healthy and empowering relationships and for releasing limiting beliefs and behaviours for a more positive, self-aware and resilient mindset.

Becoming a Certified EFT Practitioner places you among a world-wide network of globally-recognized skilled professionals who adhere to the highest standards of training, ethics, professional practice, ongoing supervision and mentoring and continuing education.

 If you have tried EFT and are not getting the results you had anticipated,
download our complimentary guide–

Five Mistakes EFT Tappers 

Marlene Cameron EFT training and certification

Why Choose Us

I have come to know EFT as the most powerful self-help tool for maximizing our potential in careers, relationships and well-being. I integrated EFT tapping into my coaching practice 14 years ago. Before EFT, it felt like I was coaching with “one arm tied behind my back.”

To ensure delivery of the highest standards of EFT training, I elected to go through the steps to become accredited as an EFT International Certified Master EFT Trainer and not one of its many imitators.


Of all the techniques I’ve studied, EFT has been the most profound influence on my capacity to help people heal, grow and transform their lives.

From Our Clients

“The intimacy, personal support and individual guidance was extraordinary. The group safety that Marlene created was extremely healing and conducive to the learning process.” 

Toni Harris

Psychologist, Okotoks, AB

“A wonderful facilitator…
Marlene is very knowledgeable and is a wonderful facilitator. I can see using EFT for helping others with residential school trauma, weight loss, smoking and addictions.”

Julie Calliou

Sucker Creek First Nation, Enida, AB

“Marlene is professional, confident and capable.  She knows her topic thoroughly and her training is both professional and warm.  The training is eye-opening, mind-expanding and useful for healing both yourself and others.” 

Patti Lott

Licensed Counsellor, Cochrane, AB

“I realize how valuable it is to receive training from a certified professional in EFT who is highly skilled and has had lots of experience.  I now see the importance of being specific and precise to facilitate real results with EFT” 

Shannon Nixon

Regina, Saskatchewan